The 5 Best Ads of 2022

The 5 Best Ads of 2022

We're in the last month of 2022 and everyone's starting to reminisce about the year we're about to leave behind. This year advertisers stepped out of their comfort zones to try new things, and it paid off. Keep reading to learn about the top 5 ads of the year, selected by adweek. *Each picture is linked to the ad*

5: 'Don't Run Out' - Uber Eats

Uber Eats teamed up with creative Kamp Grizzly to create this thrilling short film. The shoppable ad is just under 4 minutes and presents $1 Million in discount codes throughout. The trick: viewers had to pay close attention this surprisingly frightening ad. With the discount codes running out before Halloween, it's safe to say this ad was a success. 

4: 'Backup Ukraine' 

Russia's invasion of Ukraine this February was devastating and ad agency Virtue Worldwide refused to stand by doing nothing. They partnered with UNESCO, U.S. startup Polycam and organization Blue Shield Denmark to use modern technology to help preserve Ukraine. Designing an app that uses AI to preserve a digital 3D model of whatever it scans, the team was able to give Ukraine a way to leave a digital timestamp before its monuments and buildings were destroyed. This app has since turned into much more, as users have also documented most of the war. 

3: ‘The Greatest’ - Apple

In Apple's recent ad, launched just before the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, viewers can't help but dance around to the fun and uplifting soundtrack showcasing Muhammad Ali quotes. The ad showcases disabled people going about a normal day in their life, highlighting how they use different accessibility features on their devices to foster independence. 

 2: ‘2022: Earth Odyssey’ - Jeep

This ad seems like just another funny animal ad, until you turn your captions on. With zero dialogue viewers wouldn't expect much when turning on captions but are happily surprised to see the creative team has come up with their own. The ad showcases different animal noises to complete parts of the soundtrack, and the captions don't fail to make the viewers laugh.

1: ‘Love Means Everything’ - Gatorade 

This ad came out soon after Tennis legend Serena Williams announced her retirement from the sport. Rather than highlighting her career, Gatorade decided to highlight HER, beyond being an athlete. Narrated by Beyoncé,  the ad shows how she's inspired so many young girls through her self love and confidence. The ad wraps up by saying: “So when we write her down in history—no matter who you are, no matter where you are—we’ll remember what she’s shown us: a movement to love you.” It's clear to see why this ad was chosen as the ad of the year. 

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