One of the most over-used buzzwords in business and most people
don’t understand it. CULTURE is your business personality + your business reputation. You don’t “create” a culture just like you don’t create your personality. Culture exists. As a leader, you must be self-aware to EMBRACE your culture. If it sucks, we can help.

KnockGear is powered by POSER

POSER builds and maintains CULTURE that makes teams feel special, important, valued, happy, motivated, and productive.

You probably spend a big chunk of your time and resources finding & training people. The secret to retaning good people is through personal relationships. We help by making it fresh and fun!


Using typical ‘game’ elements (scoring, point tally, rules of play) that align with typical 'jobs' or 'processes' will have a dramatic effect on your team engagement.


We create incentives that mimic your brand values. Themed events like races or tournaments always get wide participation and help your team connect on stronger levels.

Customs - One-of-a-Kinds - Weird Stuff

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